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Allie D.

I like to read somewhat random blogs. I like to comment on them, and I like to comment on other people’s comments. However, I have this tendency to twist things into my own tangent, new topic, etc. I don’t intend to… it just happens! So I thought, instead of hijacking other people’s blogs, or writing responses to posts that were written years ago, I would post these on my own blog. What I’m most interested in is books, – reading and writing – cooking and other food writing, books, a bit of crafts and jewelry making, and books. I’m also snarky. I can’t help it and I don’t (usually) intend any harm. I grew up in a house where arguments were a popular form of entertainment, logic and wittiness were both highly valued, as was a certain amount of subversiveness. IMO, if it’s done in fun, it’s fine. Sometimes it involves making up imaginary statements on the fly. It is what it is! (That’s my current favorite profundity.) Ok I think that’s it. Oh also I am really really self-involved and that is something you’ll probably notice.